Friday, February 22, 2013

Side Trip: Marks' Mill

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Sometimes we at Arkansas Ghost Hunters have little side trips enroute to investigations. We hit Warren several hours early to hit the local library with no success. After grabbing lunch and meeting with Jordi, Joseph and Angela, we were told by a couple of the locals about a nearby Civil War battlefield. Nearby turned out to be about several miles north and into the next county. But the drive was worth it.

The Battle of Marks' Mill was fought on April 25, 1864 and resulted in about 1793 causalities, not counting any civilians (1500 on the Union side, 293 on the Confederate side)

Marks' Mill was owned by John H. Marks and his homestead was about a mile from where the battle took place. He and his family witnessed the first shot and causality of the battle, the driver of the lead supply wagon. After the battle, his home served as a temporary field hospital and his daughter testified that several soldiers were buried on their property. Not far from where the house once stood is Marks' Cemetery  where members of the Marks family are buried.

Now the area where Mark's Mill, the Marks' homestead and a small portion of the battlefield is now a State Park. A dirt road leads to the cemetery and along the road is various markers about the Mill, the Battle and the Marks themselves. There are also equipment from the mill and the Marks' homestead in the area. The park also sports nature trails.

Now we didn't go out there to investigate anything. We just went out there as history buffs.

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